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  •  We can use multiple coupons in the same account?

    Only one (1) voucher/account it's accepted (if you want to use more vouchers, you must create multiple accounts).

  •  The coupons are working only for new accounts?

    All vouchers can be used ONLY for the NEW created accounts, or for those up to maximum 14 days old.

  •  The coupons are working worldwide?

    Some of them yes (for example Bing & Facebook coupons) some not (Google Ads coupons)


  •  There is any guarantee for these vouhers?

    The vouchers are guaranteed against invalid/expired codes. That means if for any of these two reasons (invalid/expired), you can not redeem the voucher, we replace it or refund your money.

    The guarantee does NOT apply to any ads or account related issues. Running the ads and account management is buyer's responsibility.


  •  We can pay with credit card?

    The paymenth with credit cards is avalaible only for verified (old) clients.

  •  Which other payment options you accept?

    VOUCHERSTORE accept pyments through: Paypal, Bitcoin & other crypto, Perfect Money.


  •  How you deliver the products?

    The coupon(s) will be to the email address submitted when placing the order on our website. Please use real data when you fill in your order.

  •  What is the delivery time?

    The coupons(S) will be sent within a maximum 24 hours interval (Monday - Friday). Usually in 30 minutes.