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7 Ways Microsoft Ads (ex Bing Ads) Beat Google AdWords

7 ways microsoft ads (ex bing ads) beat google adwords

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It’s the most exciting time of the year at WordStream – annual revenue reports! But we’re not the ones excited about it; the search giants all released their annual revenue reports earlier this month. If you missed the excitement in it all, you could catch all the juicy details here for Google, Micr...

Black Friday - 7 Marketing strategies to boost your sales

Black friday - 7 marketing strategies to boost your sales

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Designing and planning ahead your seasonal marketing strategy is important.Black Friday 2020 will be the most important one yet for eCommerce. With the pandemic that has been changing the rules in every sector, retailers will be seen forced to play it differently this year as well. Stores won’t be e...

Ways to Hunt Promotions from Google Ads to Save Advertising Costs

Ways to hunt promotions from google ads to save advertising costs

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Google Ads is currently the most popular advertising channel that many businesses use to increase exposure and sales. However, advertising is not always effective, many people have to spend a lot of money to implement this type of advertising.The good news is that Google also regularly offers pr...