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Product Description

UNA.IO (formerly Boonex) permanent (lifetime) license.

The actual price for a UNA Pro license is $50 monthly or $490 yearly.

Our license is a permanent (lifetime) one. 

Just a $99.99 one-time payment!

Imagine how much money you can save with this unique offer!

The world's most advanced software platform for building community websites:


Use your own logos, graphics, styles, texts, and domain name. You fully control and own all the site data, with no strings attached.


Change the site navigation, pages, permissions, texts, forms, design, and layout via UNA Studio. No coding skills are required.


Go further! Instantly install and activate UNA Apps - modules, plugins, integrations, languages, and design templates. 


Energize your community with on-site and push notifications, site emails, comments, invitations, timelines, and a real-time instant messenger.


Extensive caching engines support, custom-designed storage engine, on-fly media transcoders, and support for external storage.


RESTful, JSON-ready API for easy and secure integration with external apps. oAuth2 Server and login support for SSO integrations.


Choose the interface language that best suits your site or offer a choice of many. Create your own translations and edit keys directly.


Automatic core and apps updates make UNA site operation seamless. Regular version releases keep your social website fast and secure.

Go mobile:

Designed and developed for mobiles first, UNA presents as a mobile web app, with every layout component optimized for mobile devices.


Premium modules, plugins, templates, languages, and integrations that help you do more, scale faster, and engage smarter:

  • Jot Messenger
  • Decorous
  • Elastic Search
  • OAuth Server
  • Polls
  • Files
  • Stripe Connect
  • Mailchimp
  • Market
  • Data Fox
  • Intercom
  • Paid Levels
  • Invitations
  • Snipcart
  • Shopify
  • Videos
  • Google Tag Manager
  • RocketChat
  • Photos
  • Froala
  • Glossary
  • Spaces
  • Lucid
  • Charts
  • Font Awesome Pro
  • Analytics
  • Mass Mailer
  • Nexus
  • Plyr

You control and own your website.

Fully responsive, mobile-friendly design.

Unlimited scalability potential.

Full customization freedom.

We tailored modifications and integrations.

Support and maintenance.

Highly permissive MIT license.

Check all features here: UNA software features

Video demo: UNA software demo

John S. Bourque 17/08/2021

The license works perfectly, and the price is excellent!

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