$40 Facebook Ads coupon

$40 Facebook Ads coupon

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Product Code: $40 Facebook voucher | Old/New accounts
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Product Description

$40 Facebook advertising coupon

The coupon will give you around $40 Facebook Ad credit (it could be from $37 to $40) 

You can use multiple vouchers in the same account!

Terms of use: 

  •  worldwide use
  •  the credit expires 90 days after redeem (if not used)
  •  the coupon works on old/new accounts
  •  you can use multiple coupons per account
  •  you need a valid  credit card / VCC / PayPal, to activate your Facebook Ads account 


General terms of use for Facebook Ads vouchers: 

  • the vouchers are guaranteed against invalid/expired codes. That means if for any reason, you can not redeem the voucher, we replace them or refund your money.
  • the guarantees do not apply to any ads or account-related issues (suspended accounts for example).
  • running the ads and accounts is the buyer's responsibility!

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Nikola.S 28/12/2018

Ordered multiple times ! Best site i ever used ! $37.5 in each code.
Fast customer support ,fast delivery. If you are planning to order do it here! There is no scam like i thought on First time.

Suknaman 28/12/2018

It actually Works! Ordered 1 code, recieved it fast! WOW Excellent service!

Abdellateef 26/12/2018


Cong Vt 24/12/2018

My god! It really works.

Markus G. 22/12/2018

This really works!
The oly seller which offers valid coupons.
I paid $20 and got 38$ in my Facebook account. It was a good deal, since it worked on my old account where I used other coupons in the past.

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